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p. 332


Brahman said:

From the unperceived was first produced the great self 1 of great intelligence, the source of all qualities 2; it is said to be the first creation. That great self is signified by these synonymous terms--the great self, intelligence, Vishn3, Gishnu, Sambhu, the valiant, the understanding, means of knowledge, means of perception, and likewise cognition, courage, memory. Knowing that (great self), a learned Brâhmana comes not by delusion. It has hands and feet on all sides 4, it has eyes, heads, and faces on all sides; it stands pervading everything in the world 5. The being of great power is stationed in the heart of all. Minuteness 6, lightness, (the power of) obtaining (everything) (are his); he is the governor, the light, inexhaustible. Now people who comprehend the understanding, and who are always possessed of a good heart, who practice meditation, who are constant at concentration of mind, who are true to their promises, and whose senses are subdued, who are possessed of knowledge, who are not avaricious, who have subdued wrath, whose minds are clear, who are talented, who are devoid of (the thought that this or that is) mine, who are devoid of egoism,

p. 333

these being emancipated, attain greatness 1. And the talented man who understands that high and holy goal, the great self 2, he among all people comes not by delusion. The self-existent Vishnu is the Lord in the primary creations 3. And he who thus knows the lord lying in the cave 4, the transcendent, ancient being, of universal form, and golden 5, the highest goal of those possessed of understanding, that talented man, abides transcending the understanding 6.


332:1 I. e. the understanding, on which see Sânkhya-sûtra I, 61-64. It is called being (Purusha) further on, as it dwells in the body (Puri).

332:2 I. e. of the effects of all qualities (namely, the universe; cf. Gîtâ, p. 48), Nîlakantha.

332:3 I. e. all-pervading, Arguna Misra. On the whole passage, see Sânkhya-sâra, pp. 15, 16, and note  3 on page 333 infra.

332:4 As, says Arguna Misra, it is the source of all activity.

332:5 The words are identical with those at Gîtâ, p. 103.

332:6 See p. 327 supra.

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