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The Story of Burnt Njal

translated by George Webbe Dasent


Title Page
1. Of Fiddle Mord
2. Hrut Woos Unna
3. Hrut And Gunnhillda, King's Mother
4. Of Hrut's Cruise
5. Atli Arnvid Son's Slaying
6. Hrut Sails Out To Iceland
7. Unna Separates From Hrut
8. Mord Claims His Goods From Hrut
9. Thorwald Gets Hallgerda To Wife
10. Hallgerda's Wedding
11. Thorwald's Slaying
12. Thiostolf's Flight
13. Glum's Wooing
14. Glum's Wedding
15. Thiostolf Goes To Glum's House
16. Glum's Sheep Hunt
17. Glum's Slaying
18. Fiddle Mord's Death
19. Gunnar Comes Into The Story
20. Of Njal And His Children
21. Unna Goes To See Gunnar
22. Njal's Advice
23. Huckster Hedinn.
24. Gunnar And Hrut Strive At The Thing.
25. Unna's Second Wedding
26. Of Asgrim And His Children
27. Helgi Njal's Son's Wooing
28. Hallvard Comes Out To Iceland
29. Gunnar Goes Abroad
30. Gunnar Goes A-sea-roving
31. Gunnar Goes To King Harold Gorm'sson And Earl Hacon
32. Gunnar Comes Out To Iceland
33. Gunnar's Wooing
34. Of Thrain Sigfus' Son
35. The Visit To Bergthorsknoll
36. Kol Slew Swart
37. The Slaying Of Kol, Whom Atli Slew
38. The Killing Of Atli The Thrall
39. The Slaying Of Brynjolf The Unruly
40. Gunnar And Njal Make Peace About Brynjolf's Slaying
41. Sigmund Comes Out To Iceland
42. The Slaying Of Thord Freedmanson
43. Njal And Gunnar Make Peace For The Slaying Of Thord
44. Sigmund Mocks Njal And His Sons
45. The Slaying Of Sigmund And Skiolld
46. Of Gizur The White And Geir The Priest
47. Of Otkell In Kirkby
48. How Hallgerda Makes Malcolm Steal From Kirkby
49. Of Skamkell's Evil Counsel
50. Of Skamkell's Lying
51. Of Gunnar
52. Of Runolf, The Son Of Wolf Aurpriest
53. How Otkell Rode Over Gunnar
54. The Fight At Rangriver
55. Njal's Advice To Gunnar
56. Gunnar And Geir The Priest Strive At The Thing
57. Of Starkad And His Sons
58. How Gunnar's Horse Fought
59. Of Asgrim And Wolf Uggis' Son
60. An Attack Against Gunnar Agreed On
61. Gunnar's Dream
62. The Slaying Of Hjort And Fourteen Men
63. Njal's Counsel To Gunnar
64. Of Valgard And Mord
65. Of Fines And Atonements
66. Of Thorgeir Otkell's Son
67. Of Thorgeir Starkad's Son
68. Of Njal And Those Namesakes
69. Olaf The Peacock's Gifts To Gunnar
70. Mord's Counsel
71. The Slaying Of Thorgeir Otkell's Son
72. Of The Suits For Manslaughter At The Thing
73. Of The Atonement
74. Kolskegg Goes Abroad
75. The Riding To Lithend
76. Gunnar's Slaying
77. Gunnar Sings A Song Dead
78. Gunnar Of Lithend Avenged
79. Hogni Takes An Atonement For Gunnar's Death
80. Of Kolskegg: How He Was Baptized
81. Of Thrain: How He Slew Kol
82. Njal's Sons Sail Abroad
83. Of Kari Solmund's Son
84. Of Earl Sigurd
85. The Battle With The Earls
86. Hrapp's Voyage From Iceland
87. Thrain Took To Hrapp
88. Earl Hacon Fights With Njal's Sons.
89. Njal's Sons And Kari Come Out To Iceland
90. The Quarrel Of Njal's Sons With Thrain Sigfus' Son
91. Thrain Sigfus' Son's Slaying
92. Kettle Takes Hauskuld As His Foster-son
93. Njal Takes Hauskuld To Foster
94. Of Flosi Thord's Son
95. Of Hall Of The Side
96. Of The Change Of Faith
97. Of Thangbrand's Journeys
98. Of Thangbrand And Gudleif
99. Of Gest Oddleif's Son
100. Of Gizur The White And Hjallti
101. Of Thorgeir Of Lightwater
102. The Wedding Of Hauskuld, The Priest Of Whiteness
103. The Slaying Of Hauskuld Njal's Son
104. The Slaying Of Lyting's Brothers
105. Of Amund The Blind
106. Of Valgard The Guileful
107. Of Mord And Njal's Sons
108. Of The Slander Of Mord Valgard's Son.
109. Of Mord And Njal's Sons
110. The Slaying Of Hauskuld, The Priest Ofwhiteness
111. Of Hildignna And Mord Valgard's Son
112. The Pedigree Of Gudmund The Powerful
113. Of Snorri The Priest, And His Stock
114. Of Flosi Thord's Son
115. Of Flosi And Hildigunna
116. Of Flosi And Mord And The Sons Of Sigfus
117. Njal And Skarphedinn Talk Together
118. Asgrim And Njal's Sons Pray Men For Help
119. Of Skarphedinn And Thorkel Foulmouth
120. Of The Pleading Of The Suit
121. Of The Award Of Atonement Between Flosi And Njal
122. Of The Judges
123. An Attack Planned On Njal And His Sons
124. Of Portents
125. Flosi's Journey From Home
126. Of Portents At Bergthorsknoll
127. The Onslaught (1) On Bergthorsknoll
128. Njal's Burning
129. Skarphedinn's Death
130. Of Kari Solmund's Son
131. Njal's And Bergthora's Bones Found
132. Flosi's Dream
133. Of Flosi's Journey And His Asking For Help
134. Of Thorhall And Kari
135. Of Flosi And The Burners
136. Of Thorgeir Craggeir
137. Of Eyjolf Bolverk's Son
138. Of Asgrim, And Gizur, And Kari
139. Of Asgrim And Gudmund
140. Of The Declarations Of The Suits
141. Now Men Go To The Courts
142. Of Eyjolf Bolverk's Son
143. The Counsel Of Thorhall Asgrim's Son
144. Battle At The Althing
145. Of Kari And Thorgeir
146. The Award Of Atonement With Thorgeir Craggeir
147. Kari Comes To Bjorn's House In The Mark
148. Of Flosi And The Burners
149. Of Kari And Bjorn
150. More Of Kari And Bjorn
151. Of Kari And Bjorn And Thorgeir
152. Flosi Goes Abroad
153. Kari Goes Abroad
154. Gunnar Lambi's Son's Slaying
155. Of Signs And Wonders
156. Brian's Battle
157. The Slaying Of Kol Thorstein's Son
158. Of Flosi And Kari