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Irish Dancers

Celtic Music

Here is a small collection of Celtic-themed midi files for your listening enjoyment while reading the Celtic folklore files.

These files were rescued from the now defunct Belinus site. You can download these files and play them in any midi player application.

Anglers reel 50176 bytes
Banshee 3845 bytes
Cooleys 24103 bytes
Faery dance 2072 bytes
Foggy Dew 9465 bytes
Green Grvsin 6839 bytes
Irish medly 5015 bytes
Irish Washerwoman 7404 bytes
King of the Fairies 9622 bytes
Oak Tree 30720 bytes
Garberry 5908 bytes
Haystack 16166 bytes
Humors 5936 bytes
Beggar 10957 bytes
Salamanc 13938 bytes
Set41 5288 bytes
Tandern 9471 bytes
Washerwoman 18846 bytes

celtharp.mid 12613 bytes
celtic1.mid 8139 bytes
celtic2.mid 7904 bytes
celtic3.mid 9051 bytes
celtic4.mid 6735 bytes
celtic5.mid 18237 bytes
celtkesh.mid 15566 bytes
celtsong.mid 5565 bytes