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Korean UFO

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                 -= P R O U D L Y    P R E S E N T S =-

>From: ur-valhalla!!jharding (JOHN E. HARDING)
>Subject: Korean UFO
>Date: Sun, 12 Nov 1995

Let's suppose that you are a military telecommunications operator
working a mid-night shift in a "Higher than Top Secret" military
installation.  One morning you hear bells and whistles go off on
your telecommunications equipment indicating that you are receiving
"FLASH" traffic (message).  STOP --> A "What?"

Explanation of Military Message Precedence:

     Critic Message      Prosign: W
     Handling time IMMEDIATELY... do not delay for ANY REASON,
     possible Act of Aggression against military personnel or
     installation. This message is ALWAYS forwarded to Heads
     of Government...yea the President!

     Flash Message       Prosign: Z
     Handling time 10 not delay for ANY REASON,
     possible Act of Aggression against military personnel or
     installation. This message is always forwarded to Commanding
     Officers (Generals and such..) in the immediate area to
     determine if immediate action is required. If deemed
     necessary it is also forwarded to the Heads of Government.

     Immediate Message   Prosign: O
     Handling time 30 minutes...Action pertaining to this message
     normally is given a precise time in which action MUST be
     taken. Action(s) may be precautionary measure(s) against
     possible Act of Aggression against military personnel or

     Priority Message    Prosign: P
     Handling time 2 hours...Action pertaining to this message
     is not normally handle in a "rush", but always handle BEFORE
     Routine Messages. It normally deals with the everyday
     dealings of military personnel or installation.

     Routine Message     Prosign: R
     Handling time 2 - 4 hours...This normally your "catch all"
     message. It's like your everyday mail...get to it when you
     can. It also normally deals with the everyday dealings of
     military personnel or installation.

Now that you have been made aware of Military Message
Precedences... I shall continue..

You, the lonely old operator, stops what you were doing and turn
your FULL attention to the "FLASH" message coming in.  You start
doing the normal routine of tagging the message with a Time of
Receipt (TOR), your operator's number (showing WHO was at the
console when the message came in and who handle it).  The message
is classed marked "Above Top Secret"...meaning it was a TOP SECRET
message, but with the additional class mark codings made it "Above
Top Secret!"  You start reading the message and see the class mark
coding of "For Your Eyes Only" meaning the Commanding General.

You reach over and press a red button, the area you are in now is
secured... meaning "No One Allowed In Area" except you, not EVEN
your immediate supervisors.  The Area supervisor (a GS-13) heads
your direction and immediately stops upon seeing the security light
flashing.  He knows better, but asks anyway, "What the Hell is
going on?"  You tell him, "Call the General, he has FLASH TS traffic
for his eyes only!"  He, the GS-13, asks "What's it about?"  You turn
and stare at him... "Sorry Sir, for the General's eyes only!"
(Damn civilian, wanted you to breach security!).  You turn away and
continue your work, reading each line as it comes in.  Not only are
you astonished, but a bit nervous, because you can read the message,
but no one else is allowed to.  You actually try to tell yourself it's
a Joke, but with each line of the printout, you know it's not!  It's
an Official Military Report classed marked "HIGHER THAN TOP SECRET"
and for the General's Eyes Only!

The Report 1974:

It was reported that at 0530 hours (ZULU) over a Highly Restricted
Area in Korea an Unidentifiable Flying Object was hovering.  Many
attempts (Voice Radio Transmissions) were made to inform the intruder
that they were in a restricted area and must leave at once.  They, the
military personnel, received no response to their order.  Intercept
Helicopters were dispatched, but the UFO just out maneuvered them, yet
staying in the restricted zone.  The intercept helicopters were order to
stay their distance in case the UFO should decided to be come Hostile,
yet maintain visual contact.  No one wanted an International Incident,
in case this happen to be a craft of a foreign government.  According
to the description of the craft, it was definitely not of a foreign
government and surely not American made.

The UFO descended lower, and fertile attempts by the military personnel
to warn the UFO to get out of the restricted area failed.  The decision
was made by the Commanding Officer at the site to "Shoot the UFO" out
of the air.  Two ground to air missiles were fired!  They never reached
their target.. two separate light beams came from the UFO and engulfed
both of the missiles, the missiles disappeared into thin air.  Needless
to say this was observed Not only by the Radar Operator, but by All
personnel in the Communications Room, the Helicopter Crews, and many
military personnel on the ground.  This event had a profound effect on
many of the military personnel.

The UFO came lower and lower, the missile crew evacuated their post
afraid the UFO would destroy the missile launchers.  The Helicopters
stayed their distance fully aware their weapons would be of no effect
on the UFO observing on it's movements.  The UFO stopped just about
center of the site approximately 5 feet above ground... doing nothing,
yet maybe something.. observing and reporting?  The event lasted over
20 minutes and as always (as in some reports) it just rose to the sky
and disappeared at a high rate of speed.  It left in its wake many
bewildered and frighten military personnel to include the Commanding
Officer of that site.  Now came the difficult task of covering up the
incident.  The report detailed what actions that would be taken with
each and every military personnel to ensure that they NEVER speak or
write about what had occurred.  Many of the military personnel, to
include officers, requested an immediate reassignment on the same day
of the incident.

This Flash message came in five separate parts, meaning five messages
detailing the entire incident.  You, the operator was responsible for
ensuring the message was given the proper security classification
markings and properly sealed in an official envelopes marked for the
Commanding General.  Since you were the receiving operator, you were
to "HAND" carry the envelopes and deliver them to No One Else except
Commanding General.  You did what you were ordered to!  When you
delivered them, you were asked by the Commanding General "You're
obviously know the contents of these messages since you received them,
and probably also read them.  You are aware of the Secret Act of the
United States and you being in the Military are bond by its law military
and civilian concerning what is in the best interest of National
Security.  You are dismissed!"  All Telecommunications (paper tapes)
references to include the ribbon and logs surrounding this event was
removed from the area you worked in and by person(s) who did Not work
in that area and were NOT assigned your military company and no one you
worked with had Ever seen them before.

If this sound a "FICTION", believe me it is NOT!
If you think I am writing this for 'ENTERTAINMENT", I am NOT!

I was that Military Telecommunications Operator on Duty that day.
I was the one to receive the report and read it's entire contents.
I was the one who had to stamp and log each and every part of that
report in.  I had to seal them in military government envelopes and
hand carry them to the Commanding General.


John Harding
E-Mail Address:
Sysop - U-FO INFO BBS (GTPN Net/Node 009/005)
Phoenix, AZ (602) 306-1345

... the next war will be an interplanetary war. -Gen. Douglas MacArthur

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