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The Hollow Earth

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Things to beware of in 1997:

Subversion from 'immigrants' turned citizens, specifically those from
the orient and small island countries.


The Hollow Earth

 Ancient Cultures
 Atlantis, Mu and Lemuria
 Agartha, Secrets of the Subterranean Cities: The Hollow Earth

Agharta, The Land Of Advanced Races

Last update Apr 30, 1995

The kingdom of this inner society is called Agharta with the
main-city of Shamballa. Those places referenced in the image above,
lie inward and have also an inward sky with clouds.
The Central Sun is inside of Earth.
Tunnel entrances to Inner Earth (as suggested in diagram):

Kentucky Mammoth Cave (USA)
Mato Grosso  (Brazil)
Iguassu Falls
Mount Epomeo (Italy)
Pyramid of Giza (Egypt)
King Solomos Mines
Dero Caves

The most strange hint is given, that the Center of Gravity is not
the center of Earth, but also a sub-sphere or a layer quite 200 miles
below of the surface we live.

It follows some excerpts and views of the Hollow Earth:

In The Inner Earth

On February 19, 1947, Admiral Richard
E. Byrd left Base Camp Artic and flew

What happened on that flight?

For years rumors have persisted that on
his historic flight to the North Pole, Admiral
Byrd flew heyond the Pole into an
opening leading inside the Earth. Here he
met with advaneed heings who had a sobering
message for him to deliver to Mankind an the
Surface World.

Upon Byld's return to Washington, on
Marrh 11, 1947 he was interviewed intently
by top security forces and a medical
team. He was placed under strict control
and ordered to remain silent on the behalf
of humanity. Being a militaly man, he felt
he had to comply.

Here, from Admiral Byrd's secret log
and diary, is the message meant to have
been heard 45 years ago!

Excerpt of The Hollow Earth (no ISBN):

    "During his Arctic flight of 1,700 miles BEYOND the North Pole
he reported by radio that he saw below him, not ice and snow, but
land areas consisting of mountains, forests, green vegetation, lakes
and rivers, and in the underbrush saw a strange animal resembling
the mammoth...."

    "In January, 1956, Admiral Byrd led another expedition to the
Antarctic and there penetrated for 2,300 miles BEYOND  the South
Pole.  The radio announcement at this time (January 13, 1956) said:
"On January 13, members of the United stated expedition penetrated a
land extent of 2,300 miles BEYOND the Pole.  The Flight was made by
Rear Admiral George Dufek of the United States Navy Air Unit."
Byrd said on March 13, 1956, "The present expedition has opened up a
vast new land."

    Admiral Byrd said in February, 1947 before his North Pole flight,
"I'd like to see that land beyond the Pole.  That area beyond the
Pole is the center of the great unknown."


Excerpt of A Flight to the Land Beyond the North Pole:

"I bid you welcome to our domain, Admiral." I see a man
with delicate features and with the etching of years upon his
face. He is seated at a long table. He motions me to sit down
in one of the chairs. After I am seated, he places his fingertips
together and smiles. He speaks softly again, and conveys the
following. "We have let you enter here because you are of noble
character and well-known on the Surface World, Admiral."

"Surface World," I half-gasp under my breath! "Yes," the
Master replies with a smile, "you are in the domain of the Arianni,
the Inner World of the Earth. We shall not long delay
your mission, and you will be safely escorted back to the surface
and for a distance beyond. But now. Admiral, I shall tell
you why you have been summoned here. Our interest rightly
begins just after your race exploded the first atomic bombs
over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. It was at that alarming
time we sent our flying machines, the 'Flugelrads,' to your
surface world to investigate what your race had done.
"That is, of course, past history now, my dear Admiral, but
I must continue on. You see, we have never interfered before
in your race's wars, and barbarity, but now we must, for you
have leamed to tamper with a certain power that is not for
man, namely, that of atomic energy. Our emissaries have already
delivered messages to the powers of your world, and
yet they do not heed. Now you have been chosen to be witness
here that our world does exist. You see, our culture and
science is many thousands of years beyond your race, Admiral."
I interrupted, "But what does this have to do with me,

The master's eyes seemed to penetrate deeply into my
mind, and after studying me for a few moments he replied,
"Your race has now reached the point of no return, for there
are those among you who would destroy your very world
rather than relinquish their power as they
know it..."

I nodded, and the Master continued. "In
1945 and afterward, we tried to contact
I your race, but our efforts were met with
hostility. Our Flugelrads were fired upon,
yes, even pursued with malice and animosity
by your fighter planes. So, now, I say to
you, my son, there is a great storm gathering
in your world, a black fury that will not
spend itself for many years. There will be
no answer in your armies, there will be no
safety in your science. It may rage on until
every flower of your culture is trampled
and all human things are leveled in vast

"Your recent war was only a prelude of
what is yet to come for your race. We here
see it more clearly with each you
say I am mistaken?"

"No," I answer," it happened once before, the Dark Ages
came and they lasted for more than five hundred years."
"Yes, my son," replied the Master, "the Dark Ages that
will come now for your race will cover the Earth like a pall,
but I believe that some of your race will live through the
storm, beyond that, I cannot say. We see at a great distance a
new world stirring from the ruins of your race, seeking its lost
and legendary treasures, and they will be here, my son, safe in
our keeping. When that time arrives, we shall come forward
again to help revive your culture and your race.

"Perhaps, by then, you will have learned the futility of war
and its strife...and after that time, certain of your culture and
science will be returned for your race to begin anew. You, my
son, are to return to the Surface World with this message..."

With those closing words, our meeting seemed at an end. I
stood for a moment as in a dream...but, yet, I knew this was
reality, and for some strange reason I bowed slightly, either
out of respect or humility, I do not know which.

Suddenly, I was again aware that the two beautiful hosts
who had brought me here were again at my side. "This way,
Admiral," motioned one. I turned once more before leaving
and looked back toward the Master. A gentle smile was
etched on his delicate ancient face. "Farewell, my son," he
spoke, then he gestured with a lovely, slender hand a motion
of peace and our meeting was truly ended.

Quickly, we walked back through the great door of the
Master's chamber and once again entered into the elevator.
The door slid silently downward and we were at once going
upward. One of my hosts' spoke again, "We must now make
haste, Admiral, as the Master desires to delay you no longer
on your schedule timetable and you must return with his mes-
sage to your race."

From A Flight to the Land Beyond the
North Pole; The Missing Diary of Admiral Richard E. Byrd. Inner
Light Publications, Box 753, New Brunswick, NJ 08903. $10.00.

Secrets of the Subterranean Cities

World Ascension Network

   Recently, America watched Stephen Spielberg's TV pilot, a
remake  of  Verne' s "Journey to the Center of the Earth." A
maverick team of scientists  aboard  their  melt-proof  ship
enter  the  inner  Earth  through  a  bubbling volcano. When
things cool off, they find themselves exploring a  vast  and
sunny  inner  landscape . . . a  magical and inviting world with
ample room to fly.

	Their  adventure  resembles  the  real life account of a
Norwegian sailor named Olaf Jansen. His story, set in the  1800s,
is  told  in Willis Emerson's biography entitled "The
Smoky God." Olaf's little sloop  drifted  so  far  north  by
storm  that  he  actually  sailed  into a polar entrance and
lived for two years with one of the colonies of the  Agartha
Network,  called  "Shamballa  the  Lesser." He describes his
hosts as those "of the central seat of  government  for  the
inner continent . . . measuring a full 12 feet in
height . . . extending courtesies and showing
kindness . . . laughing  heartily  when  they  had  to improvise
chairs for my father and I to  sit  in."  Olaf  tells  of  a
"smoky"  inner  sun, a world comprised of three-fourths land
and one-fourth water.

The Agartha Network

	Think  of  Shamballa the Lesser as the United Nations of
over 100 subterranean cities that form the Agartha  Network.
It  is,  indeed, the seat of government for the inner world.
While Shamballa  the  Lesser  is  an  inner  continent,  its
satellite  colonies  are smaller enclosed ecosystems located
just  beneath  the  Earth' s  crust  or   discreetly  within
mountains.  All  cities  in the Agartha Network are physical
and are of the Light, meaning that they are tradition of the
great  mystery  schools of the surface, honoring such beings
as Jesus/Sananda,  Buddha,  Isis  and  Osiris . . . all  of  the
Ascended  Masters  that  we of the surface know and love, in
addition to spiritual teachers of  their  own  long-standing

	Why  did  they  choose to live underground? Consider the
magnitude of the geological Earth changes  that  have  swept
the  surface  over  the  past  100,000  years.  Consider the
lengthy   Atlantean-Lemurian   war    and    the   power  of
thermonuclear  weaponry  that  eventually sank and destroyed
these two highly advanced  civilizations.  The  Sahara,  the
Gobi,  the  Australian  Outback and the deserts of the U.S .
are but a few examples of the devastation that resulted. The
sub-cities  were  created  as  refuges for the people and as
safe havens for sacred records, teachings  and  technologies
that were cherished by these ancient cultures.

Capitol Cities

   POSID: Primary Atlantean  outpost,  located  beneath  the
Mato   Grosso   plains  region  of  Brazil.  Population: 1.3

   SHONSHE: Refuge of the Uighur culture, a  branch  of  the
Lemurians  who chose to form their own colonies 50,000 years
ago.  Entrance  is   guarded   by  a   Himalayan   lamasery.
Population: 3/4 million.

   RAMA:  Remnant of the surface city of Rama, India located
near Jaipur. Inhabitants are known for their  classic  Hindu
features. Population: 1 million.

   SHINGWA:   Remnant   of  the  northern  migration  of the
Uighurs. Located on the border of Mongolia and China. with a
small   secondary  city  in  Mt.  Lassen,  California. Telos
translated means "communication  with  Spirit."  Population:
1.5 million.

Spotlight on Telos

	How can over a million people make their home inside Mt.
Shasta?   While   we're   stretching  our  imaginations, our
neighbors,   the   Japanese,   have   already    blueprinted
underground  cities in answer to their surface area problem.
Sub-city habitation has, for  thousands  of  years,  been  a
natural  vehicle for human evolution. Now, here is a peek at
a well-thought-out ecosystem.

	The dimensions of this domed city are approximately  1.5
miles  wide by 2 miles deep. Telos is comprised of 5 levels.

LEVEL 1: This top  level  is  the  center  of  commerce,
education  and  administration. The pyramid-shaped temple is
the  central  structure  and  has a   capacity   of  50,000.
Surrounding it are government buildings, the equivalent of a
courthouse that promotes  an  enlightened  judicial  system,
halls of records, arts and entertainment facilities, a hotel
for visiting foreign emissaries, a palace which  houses  the
"Ra  and  Rana Mu" (the reigning King and Queen of the royal
Lemurian lineage who are Ascended Masters), a communications
tower,  a  spaceport,  schools, food and clothing dispatches
and most residences.

LEVEL 2: A manufacturing center  as
well  as  a  residential level. Houses are circular in shape
and dust-free because of it. Like  surface  living,  housing
for  singles, couples and extended families is the norm.

LEVEL 3:  Hydroponic  gardens.  Highly  advanced  hydroponic
technology  feeds  the  entire  city, with some to spare for
intercity commerce.  All  crops  yield  larger  and  tastier
fruits,  veggies and soy products that make for a varied and
fun diet  for  Telosians.  Now  completely  vegetarian,  the
Agartha  Cities  have taken meat substitutes to new heights.

LEVEL 4: More hydroponic gardens, more manufacturing and
some  natural park areas.

LEVEL 5: The nature level. Set
about a mile beneath surface ground level, this  area  is  a
large natural environment. It serves as a habitat for a wide
variety of animals, including  those  many  extinct  on  the
surface.  All  species  have  been  bred  in  a  non-violent
atmosphere, and those  that  might  be  carnivorous  on  the
surface now enjoy soy steaks and human interaction. Here you
can romp  with a  Saber-Toothed  Tiger  with  wild  abandon.
Together  with  the  other  plant  levels,  enough oxygen is
produced to sustain the biosphere.

   LANGUAGE:  While dialects vary from city to city, "Solara
Maru," translated  as  the  "Solar  Language,"  is  commonly
spoken.  This  is the root language for our sacred languages
such  as  Sanskrit  and  Hebrew.

GOVERNMENT: A  Council  of
Twelve, six men and six women, together with the Ra and Rana
Mu, do collective problem solving and serve  as  guides  and
guardians  of  the  people. Positions of royalty such as are
held by  the  Ra  and  Rana  Mu  are  regarded  as  ones  of
responsibility  in  upholding  God'  s divine plan. The High
Priest, an Ascended Master named Adama, is also an  official

   COMPUTERS:  The  Agarthean  computer system is amino-acid
based and serves a vast  array  of  functions.  All  of  the
sub-cities   are   linked   by   this  highly  spiritualized
information network.  The  system  monitors  inter-city  and
galactic  communication,  while, simultaneously, serving the
needs of the individual  at  home.  It  can,  for  instance,
report  your body's vitamin or mineral deficiencies or, when
necessary, convey pertinent  information  from  the  akashic
records   for   personal  growth.

MONEY:  Non-existent. All
inhabitants' basic needs are taken  care  of.  Luxuries  are
exchanged via a sophisticated barter system.

Moving sidewalks, inter-level elevators and  electromagnetic
sleds  resembling  our  snow  mobiles  within  the city. For
travel  between  cities,  residents  take  "the   Tube,"  an
electromagnetic  subway system capable of speeds up to 3,000
m.p.h. Yes, Agartheans  are  well  versed  in  intergalactic
etiquette  and  are members of the Confederation of Planets.
Space travel has been perfected,  as  has  the  ability  for
interdimensional    shifts    that    render    these  ships

ENTERTAINMENT: Theatre,  concerts  and a  wide
variety  of the arts. Also, for you Trekkies, the Holodecks.
Program your favorite movie or chapter in Earth history  and
become  a  part  of it!

CHILDBIRTH: A painless three months,
not nine. A very sacred process whereby, upon conception,  a
woman  will  go  to  the  temple for three days, immediately
welcoming the  child  with  beautiful  music,  thoughts  and
imagery.  Water  birthing  in the company of both parents is

HEIGHT:  Due  to  cultural  differences,  average
heights  of  subterranean  citizens  vary. Generally 6'5" to
7'5" in Telos, while nearly 12'  in  Shamballa  the  Lesser.

   AGE: Unlimited. Death by degeneration  is  simply  not  a
reality  in  Telos.  Most  Agartheans  choose to look an age
between 30 and 40 and stay there, while,  technically,  they
may  be  thousands  of years old. By not believing in death,
this society is not limited by it. Upon completing a desired
experience,   one   can  disincarnate  at  will.

ASCENSION: Absolutely, and much easier and  more  common  than  on  the
surface. Ascension is the ultimate goal of temple training.

	Why have they stayed underground all this time? In part,
because  the Agartheans have learned the futility of war and
violence and are patiently waiting for us to draw  the  same
conclusion.   They   are  such  gentle  folk  that  even our
judgemental thoughts are physically harmful to them. Secrecy
has  been  their  protection.  Until now, the truth of their
existence has been veiled by Spirit. When can we visit?  Our
entrance  to  the  sub-cities  depends  on the purity of our
intentions and our  capacity  to  think  positively. A  warm
welcome  from both worlds is the ideal and must be expressed
by more than just the lightworking community.

	Currently, a few hundred brave subterraneans are working
on the surface. In order to blend with the masses, they have
undergone temporary cellular  change  so  that,  physically,
they   don't   tower  above  the  rest  of  us.  They may be
recognized by their gentle, sensitive  nature  and  somewhat
mysterious  accent.  We  wish  to  introduce you to Princess
Sharula Aurora Dux, the daughter of the Ra and  Rana  Mu  of
Telos.  Sharula has been officially appointed Ambassador to
the surface world by the Agartha Network. She is  267  years
old  and looks 30. This article is courtesy of her firsthand

	The purpose of her Ambassadorship is to prepare the  way
for  the merging of the two worlds . . . to bring the ideas, the
information and the new archetypes that will help unite  our
planet. Sharula has come to present a blueprint for peaceful
change to those who will listen. The Agartheans have reached
a  point where they cannot progress spiritually unless this
merger takes place. In essence, we are one planet ascending,
not  half  a planet. It is God 's will that we take the next
step together.

	The sooner we invite this unity, the  sooner  the  magic
will  unfold.  The  Hierarchy  has made the emergence of the
subterranean cities a priority project. They are  asking  us
to do our part in welcoming our brethren. The timing depends
very much upon  our  receptivity  and  our  graciousness.  A
successful  merger  is  estimated  within  the next 10 to 20

	Beloved, there is nothing  to  fear  and  everything  to
gain. The gifts the Agartheans bring are many. The secret of
immortality is your  birthright.  The  freedom  to  live  in
abundance  is  also your birthright. You haven't lived until
you've tasted a hydroponic tomato and had a  little  fun  on
the Holodeck.


This concept of a Hollow Earth might sounds quite strange
at the first view, but in context of OBE and
Astral-Traveling it may get more understandable:

Those inner lying planes (non-physical or semi-physical) hold also life-forms
as astral-plane hold astral-entities with their own cities and forms.

"Semi-physical" means, physical bodies slighly more subtle as we have, but
able to live within matter.

Short fragment of a discussion I found on alt.alien.visitors:

StarWolf ( 18 Mar 1995 wrote:

Besides if the Earth was hollow, it would have been discovered long ago.
For the last century several expeditions have been made to the south
Pole, and none of them have reported any UFO activity, not any holes
at the South Pole. And you can forget about the North Pole it floats
on water, which are below the ice.

Mark Hammons ( 22 Mar 1995 replies:

The earth is hollow in the fourth dimension.  The earth exists as a
torus in that perspective. There are two "entrances," and these are
reflected in the physical world as the north and south magnetic poles.
Note that the physical north pole and the magnetic pole are not
synonymous in site, but wander in relationship.

Read Bentov's Stalking the Wild Pendulum for a nice easy explanation
of this phenomenon, which has to do with the mechanics of human
consciousness, rather than some material opening in the earth.

Excerpt of UFO's, Close Encounter of Positive Kind
given by Jananda:

     Question:   I don't know if this will fit in
with the talk, but lately there has been a lot of
news coming out about the inner Earth and
about the people there and Admiral Bird in the
early part of this century from Walberg, some
facility openings at the poles, and that this
government helps them.  I have been reading a
lot of books about that lately. That information
seems to be coming out.  Is there something I
need to know about inner Earth beings?

     Answer:    There are beings living on this
planet in the inner Earth.  They are not all
physical.  Only a very few of them are physical.
They are actually living in the fourth dimension.
There are many beings living in the inner Earth.
You don't see them.  We have a another whole
world just around us here in another dimension.
We have them.  So there are a lot of inner Earth
people too.


Here are other books you might look for:


The Missing Diary oif Admiral Richard E. Byrd

Inner Light Publications, Box 753, New Brunswick, NJ 089093 ($10)

PHANTOM OF THE POLES by William Reed, 1906

    Fieldcrest Publishing Co.
    210 Fifth Avenue
    New York, New York

Carol Publishing Group,
120 Enterprise Ave.,
Secaucus, NJ, 07094

THE SMOKY GOD by Willis George Emerson

    This wonderful book tells how a Norse father and son sailed into
the inner earth and spent two years there.  The book describes the
people, their religion and their sun.

Amherst Press
    P.O. Box 296
    Amherst, WI 54406


    Amherst Press


    Fieldcrest Publishing / Carol Publishing Group

PARADISE FOUND by William F. Warren

    Fieldcrest Publishing / Carol Publishing Group

AGHARTA-THE ILLUSTRATED BOOK by Robert Ernst Dickhoff, Ph.D.

    Fieldcrest Publishing / Carol Publishing Group

 Ancient Cultures
 Atlantis, Mu and Lemuria
 Agartha, Secrets of the Subterranean Cities: The Hollow Earth

Agartha, Secret...

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