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A The Stage.

B The shite's Pillar.

C Shite's seat, also called "Name-saying seat."

D Metsuke-bashira, Pillar on which the actor fixes his eye.

E Sumi, the corner.

F Waki's Pillar, also called the Prime Minister's Pillar.

G Waki's seat.

H Waki's direction-point. (The point he faces when in his normal position.)

I Flute-player's Pillar.

J Atoza, the Behind-space.

K Kagami-ita, the back-wall with the pine-tree painted on it.

L The musicians. (Represented by the four small circles.)

M The stage-attendant's place. (A stage-hand in plain clothes who fetches and carries.)

N Kirido, "Hurry-door," also called "Forgetting-door" and "Stomach-ache door"; used by the chorus and occasionally by actors making a hurried exit. Vide Hōkazō, p. 205.

O Chorus, the leader sits near P.

P The Nobles' door (now seldom used).

Q The Hashigakari.

R The kyōgen's seat.

S The three pine-branches.

T Shirasu, a gravel-path.

U Kizahashi, steps from stage to auditorium, formerly used by an actor summoned to speak with the Shōgun.

V Actors' dressing-room.

W Curtain between Q and V.

X Dressing-room window.

Y Musicians' room.

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Plan II: Modern Stage
Plan II: Modern Stage


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