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The Soul of Japan
An Exposition of Japanese Thought

by Inazo Nitobe


Title Page
Preface to the First Edition
Chapter I: Bushido As an Ethical System
Chapter II: Sources of Bushido
Chapter III: Rectitude or Justice
Chapter IV: Courage, the Spirit of Daring and Bearing
Chapter V: Benevolence, the Feeling of Distress
Chapter VI: Politeness
Chapter VII: Veracity and Sincerity
Chapter VIII: Honour
Chapter IX: The Duty of Loyalty
Chapter X: The Education and Training of a Samurai
Chapter XI: Self-Control
Chapter XII: The Institutions of Suicide and Redress
Chapter XIII: The Sword, The Soul of the Samurai
Chapter XIV: The Training and Position of Woman
Chapter XV: The Influence of Bushido
Chapter XVI: Is Bushido Still Alive?
Chapter XVII: The Future Of Bushido