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Zin A low palm-tree, the south-eastern corner of the desert et-Tih, the wilderness of Paran, between the Gulf of Akabah and the head of the Wady Guraiyeh (Num 13:21). To be distinguished from the wilderness of Sin (q.v.).

Zina Ornament, one of the sons of Shimei (Ch1 23:10).

Zion Sunny; height, one of the eminences on which Jerusalem was built. It was surrounded on all sides, except the north, by deep valleys, that of the Tyropoeon (q.v.) separating it from Moriah (q.v.), which it surpasses in height by 105 feet. It was the south-eastern hill of Jerusalem. When David took it from the Jebusites (Jos 15:63; Sa2 5:7) he built on it a citadel and a palace, and it became "the city of David" (Kg1 8:1; Kg2 19:21, Kg2 19:31; Ch1 11:5). In the later books of the Old Testament this name was sometimes used (Psa 87:2; Psa 149:2; Isa 33:14; Joe 2:1) to denote Jerusalem in general, and sometimes God's chosen Israel (Psa 51:18; Psa 87:5). In the New Testament (see SION) it is used sometimes to denote the Church of God (Heb 12:22), and sometimes the heavenly city (Rev 14:1).

Zior Littleness, a city in the mountains of Judah (Jos 15:54); the modern Si'air , 4 1/2 miles north-north-east of Hebron.

Ziph Flowing. (1.) A son of Jehaleleel (Ch1 4:16). (2.) A city in the south of Judah (Jos 15:24), probably at the pass of Sufah. (3.) A city in the mountains of Judah (Jos 15:55), identified with the uninhabited ruins of Tell ez-Zif, about 5 miles south-east of Hebron. Here David hid himself during his wanderings (Sa1 23:19; Psa 54:1, title).

Ziphah A descendant of Judah (Ch1 4:16).

Ziphron Sweet odour, a city on the northern border of Palestine (Num 34:9), south-east of Hamath.

Zippor A little bird, the father of Balak, king of Moab (Num 22:2, Num 22:4).

Zipporah A female bird. Reuel's daughter, who became the wife of Moses (Exo 2:21). In consequence of the event recorded in Exo 4:24, she and her two sons, Gershom and Eliezer, when so far on the way with Moses toward Egypt, were sent back by him to her own kinsfolk, the Midianites, with whom they sojourned till Moses afterwards joined them (Exo 18:2).

Zithri The Lord protects, a Levite, son of Uzziel (Exo 6:22).