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The story of India, Persia, Arabia, Chaldea, Egypt and Ethiopia has been astonishing, but more amazing and fascinating is the recital describing the life and deeds of the Cushite nations of western Europe. The beautiful, world renowned mythology of the Greeks throws upon the screen of literature the mystic figures of the Cushites who played a mighty drama in western Europe and the circle of magic cities around the Mediterranean in ages long preceeding the life of the Grecian period of history.

The prints of Cushite footsteps are found all over the three regions, as proved by the facts of accepted sciences today. We learn that the strange surge of races backward and forward across the plains of western Europe at the dawn of recorded history was but the reaction of earlier age old conflicts between Cush and Turan, the most western of the sons of Japheth.

The story solves the baffling problem of who were the Celts and the origin of the so-called Aryan race of modern times. Reliable authorities confess that Aryans do not know their own origin. Careful mining into the authentic testimony of the ancients and a study of the relies and remains of western Europe proves that the greatest names of the Ad traditions, the heroic figures of the Greek mythology and the subjects of classic culture

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were the sons of Cush, the founder of the ancient Cushite empire of Ethiopians. Hercules Bacchus, Apollo, Hermes and other heroes were his descendants.

The world just now is witnessing a revival of interest in the myths of ancient: races. Reason has always told man that myth was but confused pictures of literal truth. The scholarship of entire ages has wrestled with the enigma of the meaning of the beautiful legends of the Weeks. The most beautiful and intensely interesting of these now have scientific proofs that they but pictured the figures and told the heroic deeds of ancient Cushites and their cousins, the descendants of the African brothers of Cush, the Zeus of the Greeks, the Jupiter of Rome and the Amen-Ra of Egypt.

So fascinating and vital has the world considered these classic stories that they are still the commanding literature of Aryan college life everywhere; for strange as it may seem the most powerful branches of the so-called Aryan race, as can be indisputably proven, are as well as the African Ethiopians, descendants of Cushite Ethiopian blood. Another volume of this work (Book II) gives more authentic information upon this subject than any other book extant, in it has been interwoven the undeniable proofs of the Cushite origin of western Europe, linked with the intense drama that was the foundation of the Greek legends.